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Pirates Swept by Reds

This was an ugly series. The Pirates managed to lose four games against Kip Wells, Justin Lehr, a guy who was fresh off the DL (Johnny Cueto) and a guy who's pitched well recently but still entered the game with a 6.04 ERA (Homer Bailey). Take yesterday's game, for example. Yes, it might have turned out differently if the Reds hadn't managed to squirt about six dozen ground balls through holes in the infield, but it's still ridiculous to lose against Lehr, who had absolutely nothing, couldn't find the zone and just generally looked like the worst pitcher the Pirates have faced all year.

There were bright spots to this series--No Relation McCutchen's good major league debut, Garrett Jones' continued mashing, Joel Hanrahan. But the fact remains that this was the Reds, who are almost as bad on paper as the Pirates are.