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Bucs' Bullpen Blows It

8-4 Dodgers, thanks to some truly lousy pitching by Denny Bautista, Phil Dumatrait and Steven Jackson in an eighth inning that began with a 4-3 lead. I wasn't totally sure why Bautista came in to start the inning instead of Jackson (I'm guessing Jesse Chavez wasn't available after pitching two innings yesterday), but after Jackson came in later and walked in two batters, well, I guess it didn't matter much... can we have Joel Hanrahan back? Please?

Anyway, the Bucs wasted a brilliant throw by Lastings Milledge and a great diving catch by Andrew McCutchen, not to mention Andy LaRoche's tenth homer of the year. Oh, and McCutchen got a huge hit with the bases loaded, which is the sort of thing the Pirates have seemed to consistently fail to do over the past month or so.