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Pirates Moving Ronald Uviedo Back to Bullpen

The Pirates are moving prospect Ronald Uviedo, who relieved in 2008 and mostly started in 2009, back to the bullpen this year in Altoona. This is a bit of a shame, given that Uviedo pitched well as a starter last year in Lynchburg. It's a move that makes some sense, though: Uviedo was pitching very well before suffering shoulder tendinitis in June, and then he didn't pitch as well after he returned. He's also very thin, and may not be able to sustain a starter's workload in the long term.

I'm sure this didn't factor into the Pirates' decision, but moving Uviedo to the bullpen may end up saving them a headache later. Justin Wilson and Jeff Locke will probably start the year in Altoona's rotation, at least, and by the middle of the season that rotation could also include Rudy Owens, Nathan Adcock, Bryan Morris, and/or Brett Lorin. The Curve could be packed with good pitching prospects by year's end--not as packed as West Virginia and State College will be, but still pretty packed.