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Link Roundup: Bucs Preview by a Cardinals Fan

Several relatively minor things:

-P- Here's a long Pirates preview over at Viva El Birdos. There are a couple problems with it. (Where's Ronny Cedeno, who's likely to be the Bucs' starting shortstop? There's almost no way Bryan Morris will pitch for the Pirates this year. And Jeff Clement doesn't look too likely to catch.) Overall, though, it's thorough and fair-minded.

-P- The Traverse City Beach Bums sign former Bucs minor leaguer Bobby Spain. Traverse City is in northern Michigan and is a beach town in the same way that Cleveland is a "north coast," but it's nice up there. I spent a summer near there in high school. Anyway, happy trails, Bobby.

-P- Indianapolis sets its Spring Training schedule, so you can catch some extra games if you happen to go down to Bradenton.

-P- The Post-Gazette covers the new Mazeroski schedule.

-P- Pat lists his Top 21 pitching prospects. Pat's been doing a good job this offseason, and I really should be linking him more.