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Strange Comment About Jose Tabata

At about 39:00 in the Neal Huntington interview on Rocco DeMaro's show yesterday, which MarkinDallas recently highlighted in a fanshot:

DeMaro: How old is he really?

Huntington (stammering a little): He's not 30, let's put it that way. I mean, our records, and the people with the Yankees, indicate that his age was legitimate. There's a lot of rumblings that he's really older than what he is. If he's 24, he's still a young player with a great upside. In our minds, we don't really care. We know we've got a good player that's on the verge of the major leagues. It's not like we're talking about a guy that's on the verge of being 30.

Tabata is supposed to be 21, and the idea that his power will eventually come along is predicated on the idea that he's been very young for his leagues. If he's 24, that's a big problem. This isn't the first time anyone has wondered about Tabata's age, but Huntington almost sounds here like he has accepted that Tabata is actually much older.