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Pirates Could Hunt For Managerial Candidates From Playoff Teams

Rob Biertempfel has the latest on the Pirates' managerial vacancy. He speculates that the Pirates could be waiting to interview a candidate or two from teams still in the playoffs. Tony Pena of the Yankees is one possibility. The timeline makes sense:

New York Yankees bench coach Tony Pena has been mentioned as a likely candidate for several openings. But, Pena, a former Pirates catcher, cannot talk to other teams until New York's postseason run is over.

After firing John Russell on Oct. 4, the Pirates screened seven candidates in a 10-day span. However, no one has interviewed since a week ago today.

Given that no one has interviewed recently, it could be that the Pirates have interviewed everyone they're interested in who isn't currently a coach from a contending team, and they're just waiting for the World Series to end to finish off their search. Biertempfel also mentions that Giants bench coach Ron Wotus could be a possibility, although the only thing I've seen about Wotus is that he's interested in the job. I haven't heard that the Pirates are interested in him.