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Perrotto: Clint Hurdle A Possible Candidate, Tony Pena Out

John Perrotto tweets that the Bucs could be waiting for the World Series to end to interview Rangers hitting coach Clint Hurdle, while they do not appear interested in Yankees bench coach Tony Pena.

Like I just wrote at SB Nation Pittsburgh, does this give anyone the sense that the whole manager carousel is ultimately meaningless? Jim Tracy earned a place among the worst managers in Pirates history by relentlessly blaming his players for the Pirates' failures and by running Tom Gorzelanny into the ground; Clint Hurdle got canned for a poor start with the Rockies in 2009. At that point, the Rockies replaced Hurdle with ... Jim Tracy. And now the Pirates might replace their manager with ... Clint Hurdle! Samuel Beckett couldn't have written it any better.

Of course, Perrotto also says he thinks the Pirates will hire Jeff Banister, so who knows.