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Tony Sanchez Brings Solid Defense To Arizona Fall League

Here's some video of Tony Sanchez playing in the Arizona Fall League. Rum Bunter is right to point out that he looks thin, or thinner, at least, than I remember him looking. (This is unsurprising, since his jaw was wired shut for a while.) His defense still works, though - check out that stop at 3:33.

Sanchez currently has a .720 OPS in Arizona. Andrew Lambo continues to hit well, posting an .837 OPS. The big story there, though, is that Josh Harrison is on a tear, with eight extra-base hits in his last five games. He currently has a .943 OPS. Among Pirates pitchers, Aaron Pribanic and Justin Wilson have only allowed three runs between them in 15.1 innings. Brian Leach, meanwhile, has a perfect ERA, but has allowed five unearned runs in six innings.

The importance of a strong showing in the AFL is probably somewhat overstated, and shouldn't be weighted much more heavily than a month of standard minor-league play. If Harrison continues to post a .943 OPS from here on out, I'm not sure that should mean much. But it's great to see Sanchez on the field, and it's always nice to see the Pirates' prospects performing well, as they mostly are, despite the fact that several of them lack experience relative to the rest of the league - Sanchez, Pribanic and Leach were Class A players this year, and most AFL players come from Class AA or above.