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Pirates Would Like To Have Chan Ho Park Back

The Bucs are interested in re-signing Chan Ho Park, and Park would like to come back, but it sounds like this would be only for a minor-league deal:

It's unlikely that the Pirates would offer Park a guaranteed Major League contract. But the club would have little to lose to bring the 37-year-old pitcher to Spring Training under a Minor League deal with the chance to win an Opening Day roster spot.

We'll see whether Park is interested in coming back as a non-roster invite, or whether he'd rather return to Korea, where he has said he wants to end his career. Clearly, Park is a mediocre pitcher, and his absence wouldn't be a disaster, but he's actually a pretty nice guy to have around - he pitched well in relief last year and was very reliable down the stretch (for whatever that's worth), and his ability to work plenty of innings gives his team flexibility. I wouldn't give him a major-league deal either, but I'd be happy to give him a minor-league deal with the knowledge that he would be very likely to pitch 50 innings or so for the big club when all was said and done.