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Could Pirates Trade Evan Meek Or Joel Hanrahan?

Could the Pirates trade Evan Meek or Joel Hanrahan? Jon Paul Morosi thinks so:

The Pirates are comfortable with their internal options at closer, Evan Meek and Joel Hanrahan. But one source suggested that Pittsburgh could deal one of the two and sign a replacement.

That wouldn't shock me at all. I love these two guys, obviously, but if the Pirates can get a potential good regular for one of them, they shouldn't hesitate to make that deal. Meek and Hanrahan look great now and appear to have bright futures compared to other relievers, but it's hard to predict how any reliever except the Mariano Rivera-best will do in two years, which is when the Pirates might begin to contend. Not that we should point to things Dave Littlefield did very often to show what Neal Huntington should do, but look at all the weird places Mike Gonzalez's career has gone since the Pirates traded him following three excellent seasons with the Bucs.

UPDATE 1:55 PM: Pirates Prospects remembers that the Pirates wanted Neftali Feliz for Hanrahan, so even if they're listening to offers, I'm sure they won't trade him just to do it.