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Drayton McLane To Sell Astros

In a way, I'll miss Astros owner Drayton McLane, who plans to sell the team. He's one of the worst owners in baseball - he shows little interest in building a team, routinely underfunding drafts and ensuring that the Astros underachieve their high-ish payroll. It's no accident at all that the Astros have had three losing seasons in their last four, and with their minor-league system currently in a pathetic state, there's no reason not to expect that general trend to continue for a while. (Minor league wins and losses aren't the end-all-be-all, of course, but only one Astros minor-league affiliate had a winning record, and several were way, way below .500. Most of their teams were jokes, and it isn't like the Astros are loaded with prospects.)

By developing players and bringing them to the majors, though, a team helps increase the overall talent level of Major League Baseball. The Astros have contributed stunningly little in the past few years, particularly given the resources they have at hand; they aren't improving the game. As a fan of one of the Astros' divisional opponents, I'll be sorry to see McLane go. But as a baseball fan, not so much.