Zach Duke Traded To Diamondbacks

For a PTBNL.

Duke was 8-15 with a 5.72 ERA in 2010. The Pirates designated him for assignment on Friday.

I'm a bit surprised they got anything for him, although I can't imagine in will be much more than an organizational guy, maybe a fringe prospect.

Good luck to Zach.

UPDATE by Charlie: Yeah, I wouldn't expect the Pirates to get anything at all here. It doesn't sound like the Diamondbacks are planning to take Duke to arbitration - they're just going to use the week or so that they have before the arbitration deadline to negotiate a deal. The PTBNL is really just the price the D'Backs were willing to pay for the right to be the only team allowed to negotiate with Duke for a week.

UPDATE by Charlie: The link above actually says the Pirates will get "a mid-level prospect" who is eligible for the Rule 5 draft. They'll wait to complete the deal in case the player actually get selected. That's better than I thought the Pirates would do. We'll see how this turns out. Still, don't expect much This list of Rule 5-eligible players that Bernie6 posted is pretty slim pickings. If the Pirates are getting a Rule 5-eligible player, I'd bet on a pitcher, maybe someone like Josh Ellis, who throws sidearm and is very good against righties, or Wes Roemer, a potential starter. Calling either of these guys "mid-level" prospects would probably be somewhat generous, but they are prospects.

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