Pirates Cut Dinesh Patel

I know this is a relatively small-potatoes piece of news, but by way of MLBTR, the Pirates cut Dinesh Patel. There's no mention of Rinku Singh's status with the team, however, so he should be back in the low minors, where he seemed to have reasonable success last year. Singh has been the better pitcher of the two, not that that makes him likely to ever amount to much of anything. I guess that takes us down to only $500,000 worth of arms from India.

While this is obviously not an experiment that anyone expected to produce the next Cy Young, it is nice to see the Pirates being creative and searching previously untapped markets for baseball talent. Hopefully this won't cause any setbacks in their scouting efforts.

UPDATE by Charlie: Here's the full list of cuts from Baseball America:

Released: RHP Sheng-Cin Hong, RHP Melkin Laureano, RHP Yomar Pacheco, RHP Dinesh Patel, 1B Chih-Wei Hsu, 1B Kyle Morgan, 3B Andury Acevedo, OF Erik Huber, OF Kyle Saukko

Hong and Hsu were signed out of Taiwan and never did much of anything. Acevedo got to the American minor leagues at an extremely young age and had immediate success in the GCL in 2007, but never developed after that. None of the other players are especially noteworthy. That the Pirates would cut Patel and keep Singh isn't at all surprising from the perspective of their performances and their futures with the team - Singh is at least a very marginal prospect, whereas Patel, as a short righty, had a pretty big hill to climb from the beginning and never really got more than a couple feet off the ground.

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