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Victor Black's Move To Bullpen Might Not Be Permanent

This interview with Victor Black over at Pirates Prospects is well worth your time. Black says that his move to the bullpen might not be permanent, and that it's mainly a way for him to work his way back into pitching and keep his arm healthy. It also sounds, however, like moving him to the bullpen permanently might not be a horrible idea:

Right now I am sticking with a fastball, curveball (which was a project this spring before I was sidelined) and a changeup. We did away with the slider for now. I really don't have a good idea of what I am throwing them all at velocity wise but I assure you that each time I throw a ball there is intent and conviction behind them all! I am not working on any new pitches at the moment. Just focused on getting on the mound and competing. I believe that what I have right now is plenty good enough to compete and have a great deal of success. I do have to admit I have a rather nasty cutter that at some point down the road might break into my rotation.
I'm not sure what he means when he says his curveball is a "project," but if he's almost 23 and still doesn't have much of a breaking ball, then I'm fine with the Pirates permanently moving him to the bullpen. It sounds like he'll have the sort of arsenal that can thrive there, especially if he can start using that cutter.