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MLB Trade Rumors Predicts Pirates Will Sign Hiroki Kuroda

This is pretty interesting. MLB Trade Rumors predicts the Bucs will sign Dodgers pitcher Hiroki Kuroda. As you know, I'm not a big fan of the Pirates signing pitchers this offseason just because, since moves for marginal upgrades are doomed to failure unless the Pirates fix their defense. But it's debatable, at worst, that Kuroda is merely a marginal upgrade. He posted a 3:1 K:BB ratio last year and threw almost 200 innings - those numbers will play reasonably well even if the Pirates don't fix a thing.

The only problem here is that Kuroda will be 36 by the time the season starts, so they might be paying for the decline years of a pitcher who was never a star in the U.S. He'll also probably see a spike in his ERA as he ages a year and plays behind not only a less favorable defense, but a somewhat less favorable home park. I'd be open to signing Kuroda for the right price, but if he wants too much, it may more efficient to spend that money elsewhere.