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Community Projection: Garrett Jones

Type your guesses about Garrett Jones's 2010 average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage in the comments below. As a bonus, guess the number of solo homers Jones will hit after hitting about 82 of them in 2009. Any registered user can join in, so if you aren't registered, feel free to sign up. We'll compile the results into an overall community projection once we're done. Here are Jones' career numbers.

The community projection for Andrew McCutchen is now complete, and if my count is right there were 107 (!) guesses. Thanks to Chris Durst for making a spreadsheet that made things a little easier on me. Here are the results:

Player Position AVG OBP SLG Bonus ZiPS
Andrew McCutchen CF .287 .364 .459 13 triples .281/.355/.446

The community projection is pretty much ZiPS' projection but with a little Pirate fan bump.