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Pirates Sign Kevin Melillo, Billy Killian, Anthony Norman

The Pirates have added a few minor league free agents, none of whom are likely to find their way to the majors:

-P- Second baseman Kevin Melillo was once a well-regarded prospect in Oakland's system, but he seemingly peaked at 23. He's a pretty good Class AA or Class AAA hitter, though, so he'll be in the high minors somewhere, perhaps at Altoona.

-P- Catcher Billy Killian is probably best known as a throw-in from the infamous (well, from a Rangers fan's perspective, anyway) trade in which the Padres got Adrian Gonzalez and Chris Young for Adam Eaton and Akinori Otsuka. He was a third-round pick in the 2004 draft, but he never really learned to, you know, hit, so he'll probably be a backup catcher in Class A somewhere.

-P- Outfielder Anthony Norman was an undrafted free agent by the Angels whose issues with hitting for average have been masked somewhat by the California League, where he's played the past couple years. I probably saw him play for a pretty lackluster Rancho Cucamonga team this year, but I don't remember him at all. He stole 36 bases in 2008, so he's probably pretty good defensively, and he'll take a walk, but that's about the extent of his abilities, and at 25, Class A+ is as high as he's likely to go.

Infielder Doug Bernier is listed too, but I wrote about him a few days ago.

Thanks to WTM.