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Joel Hanrahan Might be Ready for Opening Day

Cool. There's no structural damage, and he's been cleared to throw.

Jenifer Langosch also reports that Jose Ascanio is trying to return by June. That will create some interesting roster decisions if it happens, since Ascanio is out of options and is coming off major surgery.

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By the way, for those of you who haven't seen it yet, you can vote for Bucs Dugout or for WHYGAVS in the finals of the Pittsburgh Sports Blog Championship. I'll be pretty happy no matter who wins, because it feels like quite a victory to have two Pirates blogs in the finals. That we were able to do that speaks volumes about the dedication of Pirates fans who are now 17 years removed from a winning season.

UPDATE: Relatedly, if you're a Baseball Prospectus subscriber, check out their glowing report on the Pirates' team health.