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Who are the Sleepers?

Nice interview with Kyle Stark over at the Trib:

Stark didn't offer his personal top 10 — "There's gonna be some player out there going, 'What about me?' " Stark said — but he did reel off some sleepers to watch: Jarek Cunningham, Quinton Miller, Nate Baker, Hunter Strickland, Aaron Pribanic and Brett Lorin.

Certainly Stark knows these guys better than I do, and I can't disagree with Cunningham, Miller, Baker or Lorin, but I'm a little surprised he likes Strickland and Pribanic so much--the Pirates have an obvious organizational preference for hard-throwing pitchers, and I don't associate Strickland or Pribanic with big velocity. They both also had low strikeout rates last year. The Pirates may hope that Pribanic, in particular, improves his strikeout rate in 2010, since 2008 was his first full year in pro ball. But it's interesting that Pribanic, Strickland and Lorin (and perhaps also Baker) all figure to be in the rotation of the Bradenton Marauders, in the pitcher-friendly Florida State League. They might all end up looking like they broke out after this year, whether or not they actually do.

By the way, here is my list of sleepers for 2010, although I focused on much lower-profile guys than Stark did.