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Photos from the Pirates' 3/14 B-Game

Here are some of WTM's pictures from the B-game against the Orioles yesterday.


Here's Bryan Morris, who was cut today. One would think he'd start the year at Class A+, a level he didn't exactly master last season.


Another shot of Morris.


Here's Brad Lincoln, who will start off at Indianapolis and could join the Pirates' rotation sometime this summer.


Here's Brandon Jones, who will be in Indianapolis' outfield. With the outfield in Pittsburgh already crowded (with other people named "Brandon" and "Jones," which must cause Brandon Jones all kinds of existential despair) and with Jose Tabata on the way, it'll be interesting to see if Brandon Jones ever gets a shot with the Pirates.


This is Brian Myrow, the king of hitting the snot out of AAA pitching.


And this is Brian Friday, who will be Indianapolis' starting shortstop.


I assume Donald Veal needs no introduction.


Here's Jeff Sues, who will be in Indianapolis' bullpen.


Finally, we have another shot of Rudy Owens, working in the bullpen.