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Pirates Grab Hayden Penn From Marlins

The Pirates have claimed pitcher Hayden Penn from the Marlins. Penn was once a hotshot prospect for the Orioles, but his career was derailed by injuries. He's pitched so sparingly since 2006, and at so many levels, that its tough to get a clear read on him, but he pitched pretty well at Class AAA New Orleans last year as a starter, and he's only 25; a decent relief career could still be in his future. He throws a pretty good fastball that averages around 92, but he's become more of a curveball pitcher since his injuries. He struggles a bit with his control, but if he can harness that a bit, he can help. Of course, that's true of about a thousand guys in the high minors, but the Pirates' are getting a former top prospect here for free. Also, maybe they liked his last name.

The Bucs will have to clear a spot on the roster to make room for Penn.