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Brewers Destroy Bucs, 20-0


UPDATE: Anyone want to write the lede for the story Jayson Stark is going to write about this series?


The Pirates were outscored 36-1 in this series. 36! To 1! No team has been outscored this badly in a three-game set since the 1822 Cleveland Spiders lost by 26 runs in three consecutive games against the immortal Wilmington Quicksteps. Wow! 1822. 26. 36. 18,309. π. 1822! The Andrew Jackson administration. The Battle of Pichincha. The Congress of Verona. The invention of the graham cracker. The graham cracker. Medical leeches! Thirty-six to one! Now you think about that--or did I just blow your mind?

I guess a loss like this is interesting on a purely numerical level, but as a fan of the losing team, it was pretty deadly boring to watch. I have nothing constructive to say about this. Everyone stunk.