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Pirates Lose to Astros, 5-2

First things first here--Chris Jakubauskas took a Lance Berkman line drive off the head in the first inning and immediately was on the ground writhing in agony. It was a very, very nasty-looking injury, and when he finally sat up he was spitting blood. He's currently being observed at Methodist Hospital--let's all hope everything's okay. D.J. Carrasco had to take over in the bottom of the first.

In the top of the third, the Pirates managed to load the bases with one out, thanks in part to an error by Pedro Feliz. Andrew McCutchen came to the plate and singled to second, scoring Ronny Cedeno, and then Tony Beasley inexplicably sent Akinori Iwamura home too. Iwamura was out by about five steps, and Wandy Rodriguez struck out Garrett Jones to end the inning. Now, I realize that if you're the coach of a poor offensive team, and you're down a run against another poor offensive team, it might make some sense to take some risks, especially against a good opposing pitcher. But this particular one was just ridiculous, and it cost the Pirates a reasonable chance to score a bunch of runs, particularly with the (admittedly only nominal) middle of their order coming up. I'm fine with having some runners make outs with bang-bang plays at the plate, but if a runner is out by several steps, the third base coach just completely failed at his job.

Anyway, Carrasco got through a couple of innings without much of a problem, but he allowed a bunch of runners in the fourth, and didn't help his own cause by misplaying a bunt by Rodriguez. It might have been worse were it not for McCutchen gunning down Cory Sullivan trying to score on a single by Humberto Quintero. Jack Taschner then allowed two runs in the fifth, and so it was that the game was over by the fifth for about the 92nd game in a row. Notably, Daniel McCutchen pitched the eighth, so it's unlikely he'll make his next start.