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BD Fantasy League Draft Results

Here's the Bucs Dugout fantasy team.

It's a 16-team league, and the first two thirds of the draft was done without me there. I did prerank my players, but it's tough when you don't know how the draft is going to go (or exactly how to put 300 or so prerankings in context), and I ended up getting some guys I normally wouldn't have a ton of interest in. I love Grady Sizemore and Curtis Granderson, but I definitely picked them a bit early given that our league doesn't have stolen bases as a category. (Or saves, and luckily I'd moved all the relievers down enough in the prerankings that I didn't really have to worry about that. Usually the thing to do in this league is to grab some speculative starting pitching early on, then take some relievers later to boost your rate stats.) And the computer drafted way too many 1B/OF/DH types and not nearly enough pitching. That happens. But I love some of my later picks--I came in after round 14, and you can probably tell because the type of player I'm picking immediately changes.

I picked 11th overall.


C Geovany Soto (8th)
1B Prince Fielder (1st)
2B Placido Polanco (9th)
SS Alexei Ramirez (6th)
3B Chipper Jones (7th)
OF Grady Sizemore (2nd)
OF Curtis Granderson (3rd)
OF Jayson Werth (5th)
U Joey Votto (4th)


U Vladimir Guerrero (13th)
U Hideki Matsui (14th)
OF Travis Snider (18th)
C Buster Posey (21st)


SP Cole Hamels (10th)
SP Wandy Rodriguez (11th)
SP Ryan Dempster (12th)
SP Johnny Cueto (15th)
SP Wade Davis (16th)
SP Andy Pettitte (17th)
SP Ted Lilly (19th)
SP Clay Buchholz (20th)

As you can see, my roster's a little imbalanced, but I think I did a decent job making up for the lack of early-round pitching by stocking up in the later rounds. I think I got good value on Lilly, in particular. And I'm hoping Snider is the sort of speculative pick who ends up reaping big rewards.

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