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West Virginia, Indianapolis Rosters Announced

West Virginia's roster is here; Indy's is here. West Virginia's is the more interesting one, given that Indianapolis' roster was mostly set based on who was cut from major league camp. (From Indy's roster, which appears to be incomplete: Wil Ledezma and Vinnie Chulk are absent, but I assume that's because they're injured. There are a bunch of pitchers unaccounted for--Jeremy Powell, Brian Burres, Brian Bass--but we'll have to wait to see what that means. Probably nothing. UPDATE: As BurgherKing and I discuss in the comments, a bunch of position players are absent too--Brian Myrow, Brian Friday, Luke Carlin...)

The Power's starting outfield looks like it will be Evan Chambers, Rogelios Noris, and Wes Freeman, which should be really interesting. Jarek Cunningham is on the team too, even though it was reported a few weeks back that he'd play at Bradenton. The rotation should have Quinton Miller, Jeff Inman, Hunter Strickland and Nate Baker. I thought Baker might head straight to Class A+ since that's where fellow college pick Justin Wilson went last year, but West Virginia actually made more sense--Wilson struggled throughout the first half of the season last year.

UPDATE: And here's Bradenton, finally. Jeff Locke, Nate Adcock, Bryan Morris and Aaron Pribanic are here. The offense will be led by Tony Sanchez, Brock Holt (who's being moved aggressively) and another interesting outfield of Starling Marte, Robbie Grossman and Quincy Latimore.

WTM writes that Victor Black has some sort of injury, which is why he doesn't appear anywhere. It also looks like none of the bevy of high school arms selected in last year's draft (Zack Von Rosenberg, Trent Stevenson, Brooks Pounders, etc.) made a full-season team. That's not surprising, but it's a little disappointing--Von Rosenberg and Pounders, in particular, are supposed to be a little more polished. It looks like we'll have to wait to see them at State College, perhaps with a promotion to West Virginia very late in the year, much in the way Quinton Miller was promoted last year.