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Pirates Lose to Reds, 2-1

Ross Ohlendorf allowed only one run tonight, which is fine, but he allowed four walks and needed 84 pitches to get through four innings, and his command wasn't quite there. It's certainly reasonable that he'd be a little shaky in his first start back, but it's a shame the Pirates' offense couldn't take advantage of the fact that he, Javier Lopez, Evan Meek and Joel Hanrahan only allowed two runs between them.

The second run, by the way, came against Meek in the eighth, in part because of yet another error by Andy LaRoche, who has had a bunch of problems with his fielding in the past few days. I hope it's just a coincidence that LaRoche has had a handful of fielding miscues recently, since his fielding was pretty reliable throughout April. I'm thinking back to last April, when LaRoche was struggling with routine plays in the field, and it turned out he wasn't holding his glove the right way. Any success he has always seems so tenuous, and I hope he can keep himself together.

In the minors, Daniel McCutchen and Indianapolis won 7-2. Altoona trounced Harrisburg 9-1, with Jordy Mercer getting three hits. Bradenton lost 2-1 to Daytona, although Bryan Morris was brilliant yet again. Jarek Cunningham had three hits and Jesus Brito had a triple and a homer in West Virginia's 5-2 loss against Kannapolis.