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Up Next: Wrigley Field

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It's a way of life:

People are throwing up on themselves (and others) and not even bothering to at least go to the restroom and try and wash it off. Nope, they’d rather wear it the rest of the game like some Chunky Badge of Courage. Pushing, shoving, beer-spilling, nacho cheese-tossing and a general degradation of social interaction is now considered the norm. 

The homophobic taunting is commonplace, and of course the swearing is off the charts, which normally wouldn’t bother me so much except for the fact that Crowd Control has made of point of saying you can’t say "f***". So why have a policy if you’re not going to enforce it? 

And here’s the latest low – guys are starting to relieve themselves in the bleachers. That’s right – IN the bleachers. Apparently they attempt to stream it into a cup but given their drunken state, it’s only a matter of time before their aim is off or the cup is knocked over. I’m more than prepared for a beer spill here and there, but when that yellow waterfall is something besides Old Style, that’s it for me.