Mike Crotta May 14 against Toledo - UPDATED Full Video

Mike Crotta was recently promoted to AAA Indianapolis. He's a sinkerballer who Tim Williams reports throws in the 90-93 range. I don't know what he was throwing during his May 14 outing against Toledo, but it was working pretty well for him as he allowed 1 run in 7 innings.

I edited the video down so his whole outing fits in about 30 minutes and you can watch it to see what he's got going on. Crotta has flown completely under the radar, but he might even make it to Pittsburgh this year if he keeps turning in outings like this one. Please share your impressions of Crotta in the comments and take the poll on how you see his future with the Pirates!

The audio was missing from the MiLB feed, so you'll have to make your own cheering noises.

Innings 1-3...


Innings 4 - 5.2


Innings 5.2 - 7

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