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Kyle McPherson Pitches Seven No-Hit Innings for West Virginia

Kyle McPherson pitched seven no-hit innings for West Virginia against Lexington today. Reliever Ryan Kelly gave up a single with two outs in the eighth to break up the no-hitter. McPherson struck out nine batters. 

McPherson probably isn't much of a prospect, and as a flyballer, he might well get eaten alive at the higher levels as he faces hitters with more power, but he's only 22 and he's destroying the South Atlantic League. It would be nice to see him get a shot in Florida.

There have been some really crazy performances by Pirates minor leaguers in the last couple of days. Last night I was so distracted by the unexpectedly good games Tim Alderson and Gorkys Hernandez had for Altoona that I somehow missed the fact that Alex Presley had two homers, a triple, a double and eight RBIs. And now there's this.