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Neil Walker to Start at Second

The Pirates have announced that Neil Walker will get the majority of the playing time at second base instead of Akinori Iwamura. Dtoddwin's typically thoughtful fanpost on the subject attacks the Pirates for going back on some of the things they said about this a couple weeks ago, but I'd prefer to just focus on the end result, which is that Walker will play, as he should right now. Since Andy LaRoche has mostly been unavailable, Walker has gotten plenty of playing time since his callup. All this announcement means is that Walker will continue to play once LaRoche is back full time, which is just common sense and which I expected regardless of what Neal Huntington might have said about it. 

Also, the Red Sox have traded Class AAA outfielder Jon Van Every back to the Pirates for Class A catcher Josue Peley, who isn't a prospect.