Pirates Designate Akinori Iwamura For Assignment

This story has already been told. It's unfortunate for Aki that he got off to such a horrific start. He really gave the club no choice with so many youngsters ready to get their shot at the major league level. There really was not another roster move that made more sense.

The ironic thing is that Aki has driven the ball better the past few weeks as a pinch-hitter than he did virtually any point during the year. His double as a pinch-hitter last night may end up being his last at bat in the majors. We'll see.

What I found most unusual in the past week was DK reporting that Aki didn't really integrate with his teammates much. Sure the language barrier is a huge impediment, but that couldn't have helped his cause, if he had any, when determining who to keep and who to release.

The Pedro Era begins. Let's hope for the best.

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