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Brock Holt Out For Season

Rob Biertempfel recently reported that Class A+ shortstop Brock Holt wouldn't need surgery for his MCL, but it looks like he'll need it for a torn meniscus,  and he's now out for the year. Holt is the latest Pirates prospect to go missing, following Brett Lorin, Victor Black, Quinton Miller, Colton Cain, Starling Marte, and probably others I can't remember off the top of my head. Adding to that, the P-G reports that Hunter Strickland has been shut down as well, with elbow trouble. As nice as it is that Neal Huntington and company are filling up the minor leagues with talent, it would be great if that talent could stay on the field.

Neal Cotts and Tyler Yates are out also for the season, according to the P-G.