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Bucs Narrowly Beat Phillies, 3-2

Great game. Daniel McCutchen gets his first win of the season with what was at times some very nice pitching - he actually struck out the side in the second, with some very nice changeups. This isn't something he's going to do often; remember, No Relation has only struck out 29 batters in 60 2/3 innings at Class AAA this year. Pedro Alvarez also had an RBI double that nearly left the yard against Cole Hamels. But the best moment of the night belonged to Evan Meek, who registered an awesome strikeout of Ryan Howard with a filthy 3-2 breaking ball.

A couple notes:

-P- You may have seen that Dana Eveland cleared waivers and will head to Indianapolis. I already wrote about this over at SB Nation Pittsburgh, but the short version is: wow, what a silly series of moves for the Bucs, who gave up a prospect to get a guy they evidently didn't really want and that no other team really wanted either.

-P- Someone asked me in the comments if I might do another Top 30 prospects list before some of the really high-profile draftees start signing. It's time for one, definitely, and I'll get to it in the next few days if I can. Man, though, I've been putting this off, because most of the news coming out of the minors this year has been so dreadful, at least compared to our expectations. There have certainly been some nice surprises, like Bryan Morris and Nate Adcock, but so many of the Pirates' most talented guys have been hurt.