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Ross Ohlendorf Phlusters Phillies

Really awesome game tonight - if the Pirates aren't going to have an offense, and that seems to be pretty much a given (and the Bucs only had five hits today), I much prefer these well-pitched 2-0 thrillers they've been having lately over whatever it is they usually do. Anyway, Ross Ohlendorf picked up his first win of the season today, and this was almost certainly his best start of the year - he isn't usually the type to rack up eight strikeouts, and with only one walk to boot. He got a boost from Lastings Milledge, who made a great diving catch in the fourth to rob Ben Francisco of a hit and kept a run from scoring.

One bit of news that was announced during the game is that Charlie Morton was optioned to Indianapolis. This is more of a technicality than anything else - he was already pitching there while on a rehab assignment, and he'll continue to pitch there. The "shoulder fatigue" that got him sent to the DL in the first place was pretty vague, and he actually spent some time working with a sports psychologist after the Bucs sent him packing, so placing him on the DL and sending him on a "rehab" assignment in the first place was probably mostly about avoiding negative press and protecting Morton's ego. In any case, hopefully Morton will get himself back on track in the minors.