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Perrotto: Ryan Doumit Could Be Out As Pirates' Starting Catcher

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Here's a bit of a bombshell from John Perrotto, who says that the Pirates are leaning toward removing Ryan Doumit as their everyday catcher:

Even if they are unable to acquire [Chris] Snyder, the Pirates are said to be planning to have Doumit split time behind the plate for the remainder of the season with Erik Kratz...

If the Bucs do acquire Snyder, he would take over as the primary catcher and Doumit would catch a couple of days a week, while also picking up time at the corners.

So if you were wondering what the Chris Snyder rumors - discussed below - were about, there you go. Unfortunately, I think acquiring a competent catcher makes a lot of sense. Snyder, in particular, would be a good idea if the Diamondbacks want to get his salary off the books, because then he would probably cost very little in a trade. Doumit's bat is fine for a catcher, but it hasn't been great since back in 2008, and he needs to hit a lot more than he has this year to make up for the wretched defense he's been playing. Doumit has never been a good defensive catcher, but this year he's been no better than Ronny Paulino was. 

What I'm less sure about is how much sense it makes to play Doumit at the corners. If this year's brief experiment is any indication, he can't play first base at all yet, and many of his problems as a defensive catcher have to do with catching the ball when it's thrown to him. That's something a first baseman has to do, too. Right field would make more sense, but then again the Pirates don't really need an extra outfielder right now. Doumit isn't without talent, but right now it isn't really clear where he fits in.

By the way, I'm packing it in for the night right now, but Adam Bittner and I have been going nuts keeping track of the trading deadline over at SB Nation Pittsburgh. I'll be back here early tomorrow afternoon (eastern time).