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Draft And International Signings Update

A couple of minor notes today:

-P- The Pirates have signed 49th-round pick Logan Pevny, a New Jersey high school pitcher. It sounds like the Pirates must view him as some kind of prospect, because they're paying for him to go to college. I think that sort of thing is pretty routine for higher-round picks, but I'm a little surprised they made that sort of investment in a 49th-rounder.

-P- BuccoFans, who reported the signing of 16th-rounder Matt Curry before anyone else got to it, also writes that the Bucs have signed 41st-rounder Bryton Trepagnier, a Louisiana high school pitcher.

Speaking of Matt Curry, I was waiting for a news outlet to say something about it before I mentioned it here, but BuccoFans is good at this stuff, so I won't do that again. Here's a video of Curry homering in the College World Series for TCU:

-P- Also, Dejan Kovacevic has some details on some Latin American amateurs the Pirates have come to terms with.