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Roy Oswalt One-Hits Pirates

In a strange way, it's a little disappointing to me when the Pirates just don't get all the way and completely bagel the scoreboard. Given the number of games in which they only get a couple of hits, it's pretty amazing that they haven't been no-hit recently. I tuned in to the game late today and wasn't even aware until the ninth there was a one-hitter going on - the hit came in the first inning, so there was no excitement. Is it sacrilegious to just wish that if the Pirates are going to be horrible, they'd at least find a more fun way to do it? I just wrote over at SB Nation Pittsburgh about how I was in San Diego in late 2006, when Chris Young took a no-hitter into the ninth against the Pirates and Joe Randa, of all people, broke it up with an utterly irrelevant homer. That was awful. Similarly, Yusmeiro Petit took a no-hitter into the eighth last August, and Ronny Cedeno broke it up in the eighth with a single that meant absolutely nothing.

I'd rather the Pirates not be horrible, obviously, and I'd rather they avoided situations in which getting no-hit was even a possibility. But if they're going to routinely get into one-hit and two-hit and three-hit games, it would be fun to at least get to see a no-hitter once in a while.