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Draft Update: Jameson Taillon Very Likely To Sign, Austin Kubitza Out

The Houston Chronicle confirms what a lot of us were already thinking: Jameson Taillon is very likely to sign before Monday night's deadline (the article quotes an unnamed source saying there's "virtually no chance" Taillon will go to college).

Also, seventh-round pick Austin Kubitza will not sign with the Bucs. He says he wants $1.5 million and I've never seen any indication he's worth nearly that much (WTM describes Kubitza as "a project"), so that's fine. And Yahoo! Sports writes (and here they're probably just summarizing what we already know as opposed to reporting anything new) that 10th-rounder Zach Weiss is unlikely to sign.

For whatever it's worth, the Post-Gazette reports that in addition to Taillon and Stetson Allie, the Pirates are also still talking to sixth-rounder Jason Hursh. There still are rumblings about 15th-rounder Drew Maggi as well, but as Tim from Pirates Prospects notes, the only players left the Pirates seem likely to sign are Taillon, Allie, Hursh and Maggi.