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Does Chris Snyder Eat Puppies For Breakfast?

I don't know how many of you have Baseball Prospectus subscriptions, but their attempt to understand the Chris Snyder deal from Arizona's perspective is vintage BP:

Fourth, maybe there's something we don't know, and that we don't want to know. Maybe Snyder eats puppies for breakfast. Maybe he's an illegal alien afearin' for his future in Phoenix. Maybe somebody's holding a gun to Jerry Dipoto's head, and maybe Dipoto is just demonstrating why he shouldn't become the next general manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Because otherwise, the Pirates deal has next to nothing to recommend it, and we don't know what, if anything, Chad Qualls brought them from the Rays.

Awesome. On the day of the deadline, I'm too busy scrambling around to be really clear about what I think, but if you'd told me a week ago that the Pirates would get a competent catcher and money to pay his salary in exchange for D.J. Carrasco, Bobby Crosby and Ryan Church, of all people, I wouldn't have believed it.