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Cardinals vs. Pirates: Ohlendorf Injures Shoulder

UPDATE: Ross Ohlendorf has left the game with a shoulder injury. More details to come.

UPDATE: Ohlendorf has "tightness and soreness" in his shoulder, the team says.

UPDATE: Ohlendorf will have an MRI this morning. It sounds like it could be serious:

To see and hear him afterward, it was clear he was deeply concerned.

"It's a little bit sore," Ohlendorf said. "We don't really know what's wrong yet. Hopefully, it's just a muscle and not in the shoulder" ...

The lone positive in the injury might be that the discomfort was felt in the back of the shoulder, where a major injury generally is less likely than in the front. Ohlendorf expressed hope that the affected muscle -- if it is, in fact, a muscle and not a ligament -- would be the lat that runs across the upper back.

Poor Ohlendorf - he has pitched pretty well this year, and very well down the stretch, but he's gotten almost no run support, and now he's dealing with shoulder troubles after already being hit in the head with a pitch earlier this year. If this is it, he'll finish the season with a 1-10 record despite stats that are otherwise not that different from the ones he posted last year - his 2009 and 2010 ERAs are almost identical.