Still Not Ready to Give up on Charlie Morton

Maybe I'm just being naive and hoping too much, but I don't think it's too much of a stretch to expect Charlie Morton to become a serviceable starter for the Pirates. Not an ace, but maybe a three-guy. All stats below are from

Sure, his stats were pretty bad this year and not all that promising last year, but let's look at few things.

His MLB ERA this year was 9.35, but his xFIP was 4.38. The huge disparity is due in large part to an almost impossible .382 BABIP. Also, 25% of the fly balls he allowed went for homeruns, which is also nearly impossible. But they happened. And they were bad. Still, Morton's previous MLB BABIPs were .304 and .310, just about average. And his previous HR/FB rates were 11.7% and 7%. Aside from his BABIP and HR/FB rate being unsustainable anyway, his history is much lower.

Further, he strikes out a decent amount of guys (7+ per 9 this season, and a bit lower throughout his career). He DOES walk too many at about 3.5/9.

Last year for the Pirates, he had a 1.2 WAR in just 18 starts (Paul Maholm has that now at this moment). His other worldly BABIP and HR/FB rates will come down, and he's young enough and has the stuff (velocity mainly) to come back.

Maybe he has mechanics issues that I don't know about, or maybe he just completely lost his stuff, but I think he should get a long look the rest of this year and next year.

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