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Pirates Will Continue To Look For Relievers

This is actually a pretty interesting and fairly revealing chat with Frank Coonelly over at A lot of the answers are probably things that are pretty clear to us, but I'll take that, given that a lot of what has happened this offseason hasn't made a whole lot of sense to me at all. Among the highlights:

-P- The Pirates sound pretty satisfied with their rotation options at this point, and it also sounds like they will be open to moving guys like Bryan Morris, Rudy Owens, Jeff Locke and Justin Wilson into the rotation as the year goes on. Coonelly says that the Pirates will get most of their improvement not from Kevin Correia and Scott Olsen, but from guys who were already in the organization before this offseason.

-P- The Bucs will look for more relievers this offseason. Coonelly does mention Dan Moskos, Diego Moreno and Tony Watson as possible internal candidates for bullpen jobs. (Of those, Moreno is the most talented, but Moskos and Watson are lefties, which the Pirates really need right now. Of the two, I'd rather see Watson, who I think could probably be a pretty good lefty one-out guy right away. Moskos' awful stint in AAA last year, and his whole career in general, scare me.)

-P- Jameson Taillon looks pretty likely to start the year at West Virginia (which makes sense - if he needs to start at State College, something is wrong).

-P- The Pirates will probably try to lock up Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez to long-term deals, at least at some point down the road.

-P- The Bucs are not interested in Jack Wilson.