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Pirates 'Unlikely' To Pick Up Paul Maholm Option

Speaking about the Pirates move to The Fan on radio, President Frank Coonelly said the team is "unlikely" to pick up Paul Maholm's $9.75 million option and that that information had been communicated to Maholm. He went on to say the communication lines would remain open but he expected Paul to explore free agency and said the team would do the same.

Millions of words have been written and spoken about this already. My take is I don't find the move surprising, but with the Morton news yesterday, I think at the end of the day it's a mistake.

UPDATE: GM Neal Nuntington also addressed the issue and said at $9.75 million Maholm's option was not a perfect fit for the Pirates. He also added that the team "was not in a position to preempt the market with a multi-year deal." Communication lines will remain open, but I think you can now assume Maholm is as good as gone.

UPDATE 5:00 PM by Charlie: Maholm weighs in:

Gonna wait & see & pray God knows what's best for me & my family. Thanks bucco nation this isn't the end! #battlingbuccosalways