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Could Pirates Pursue Edwin Jackson?

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This wouldn't be news on a big news day, but in October, it's worth discussing. MLB Trade Rumors lists the Pirates as a potential player for starting pitcher Edwin Jackson. 

Six teams have tried to harness Jackson's potential, and potential suitors will have to wonder why he's been deemed so movable. Though he's had some moderate AL East success, I don't expect the Yankees and Red Sox to seriously enter the mix. I could see the Orioles, Blue Jays, Royals, Twins, Marlins, Nationals, Cubs, Pirates, and Rockies as matches for Jackson instead.

It would not surprise me if Neal Huntington agreed - Jackson is exactly the kind of frustrating, intriguing, hard-throwing pitcher Huntington goes hard for, and obviously, the Pirates need help in their rotation. They also have money to spend.

The question, obviously, is whether Jackson would come to Pittsburgh. He's going to have lots of choices, and the Pirates are probably going to have to overpay. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see the Pirates pursue Jackson, only to see him sign with someone else. And then three days later we'll hear reports that the Pirates made a "competitive" offer to Jackson but were rebuffed. That's pretty much how these things work.

UPDATE: Vlad adds that Jackson is a Type B, so he wouldn't cost the Pirates a pick.