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Time To Stop Punting

WTM in the comments to the last thread:

More and more the "plan" just seems to be to punt until Cole, Taillon, Bell, et al., arrive. I could understand punting in 2009-10. It had to be done. But they’re past the stage where they can afford to keep punting, IMO.

JRoth95 in response:

Seriously, this is it in a nutshell. Especially after 2011 showed the benefits of not punting (not that the good parts of 2011 resulted from not-punting; but ceteris paribus, not-punting gets you better results, and 2011 showed just how much better results can help).

Yeah, pretty much. I'm certainly not suggesting the Pirates should blow up their farm system, block genuinely promising young players, or anything like that, but four years into Neal Huntington's tenure, it should now be possible for the front office to both behave responsibly and avoid 100-loss seasons, and I expect it to do both those things. That might mean spending a little bit of money here and there. The events of this offseason so far have done little to convince me that the Pirates are serious about this. And yes, I'm talking about Paul Maholm again.

I'm at the public library right now and don't have the time to elaborate further, but the points WTM and JRoth are making need to enter the discussion among Pirates fans.