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MLB Playoffs Weekend Open Thread

Here's a thread for this weekend's games. On Friday, there are two Game 5's: the Diamondbacks (Ian Kennedy) against the Brewers (Yovani Gallardo) at 5:07 PM, and the Cardinals (Chris Carpenter) against the Phillies (Roy Halladay) at 8:37 PM. 

On Saturday, the ALCS starts between the Tigers (Justin Verlander) and Rangers (C.J. Wilson). 

Serious question: What exactly happened to Don Kelly to make him a valuable player? He wasn't particularly young when he was with the Pirates, and as a big-leaguer, he really was a joke - a Ciriaco-grade bat (a bit more OBP, but even less power), but without as much speed or defensive value. Now he's 31, and while he's certainly not good, he's not totally without value, even though he really doesn't play the middle infield anymore. The Tigers used him a bunch in the divisional series, and he hit a homer in the clincher against the Yankees.