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Could Market Be Favorable For Joel Hanrahan Trade?

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GM Alex Anthopoulos of the Jays is having a hard time meeting the demands of free agent relievers, and the Jays might decide to trade for someone they can use as a closer. (I use the rather wishy-washy "someone they can use as a closer" because the Jays are smart and probably don't overvalue closing experience.)

We’ve been told that the Jays have been shocked at the dollars that agents are asking for their closers.

Does that mean making a trade for a closer is the Jays best option? Probably.

What is the Jays’ surplus?

"Prospects," said Anthopoulos, who along with assistant GM Tony LaCava head to Milwaukee on Monday for the annual GMs meetings looking to lay a framework for off-season deals.

Some of y'all were upset that the Pirates' run at contention in July kept them from dealing Joel Hanrahan when the Padres were getting a king's ransom for Mike Adams, but perhaps the Bucs will get another bite at the apple this winter. The enormous contract Jonathan Papelbon is getting from the Phillies might convince other teams besides just the Jays to try to find high-leverage relievers elsewhere.