Your Handy Dandy Pirates Rule 5 Guide

Friday is the deadline for teams to set their rosters for purposes of the Rule 5 draft.  What follows, for those of you who have no life, is a complete list of the Pirates' minor leaguers who aren't on the 40-man roster and are eligible for the draft, together with my probably mostly wrong assessments of whether they'll be protected.  Armed with all this information, you should be a cinch to win a free Prospect Guide at Pirates Prospects.

Tim Alderson, RHP – Former top prospect seemed to be turning things around in the bullpen until hitters realized he was still only throwing 87. No.

Calvin Anderson, DH – Finally had a big hot streak around mid-season, then got hurt for the rest of the year. Even when he was hot his BB and K numbers were bad, and he can’t play the field. No.

Eric Avila, 3B – Overmatched in low A. No.

Jesus Brito, RHP – Just converted to the mound. No.

Fraylin Campos, RHP – 5’11" Dominican who throws 91-93, he’s pitched only briefly in the US and struggled in limited introduction to the NYPL. No.

Brad Chalk, OF – Organizational outfielder. No.

Michael Colla, RHP – Had surprisingly good season when moved to the rotation at Altoona, but sits only around 89-91, so ceiling is doubtful. Probably not.

Tyler Cox, LHP – Throws in the low 90s since moving to the bullpen and has been very effective when healthy, somewhat similar to Tony Watson. Not too much of a track record, so the Pirates may prefer to hope nobody drafts him. Probably not.

Michael Crotta, RHP – Removed from 40-man roster and struggled with elbow problems in 2011, although he’s still intriguing. No.

Emmanuel De Leon, RHP – Sits at 94 and pitched well in relief for State College in 2011, but hasn’t gotten past short season ball yet. No.

Michael Dubee, RHP – AA veteran has had a nice career at Altoona. No.

Miles Durham, 1B/OF – Organizational corner player can’t hit offspeed stuff. No.

Jeremy Farrell, 3B – Can’t stay healthy and has had only one good year . . . well, partial year. No.

Zachary Foster, RHP – Sidearm reliever throws 92 but had same number of BBs as Ks at Bradenton. No.

Brian Friday, IF – One-time prospect now a utility player in AAA, surpassed by other infield prospects. No.

Matt Hague, 1B – Not a lock after puzzling decision not to call him up in September. Lacks the power to play regularly at first, but the team is woefully short on players who can hit round objects with cylindrical pieces of wood. Probably.

Noah Krol, RHP – Organizational reliever served as closer at Altoona in 2011 despite not pitching very well. No.

Andrew Lambo, OF – One of the tougher calls. Lambo tanked in AAA, then finally started getting his swing back in the second half at Altoona. He’s still only 23. It’ll just depend on how much faith the Pirates have in the bat. Probably not.

Quincy Latimore, OF – Surprising power for a small guy, but still swings at everything. No.

Brian Leach, RHP – Good stuff, but came unglued in 2011 due to control problems. No.

Mike Loree, RHP – Interesting guy, signed after breakout year in independent ball. Not enough track record yet. No.

Brett Lorin, RHP – One of the toughest players in the system to get a handle on, at least in the sense of how the Pirates view him. Despite good results, he seems to fly under the radar (which is quite a feat at 6’7"), probably in part due to injury problems. Probably, I guess.

Jairo Marquez, C – Organizational catcher. No.

Starling Marte, OF – Dave Littlefield is gone.  Yes.

Matt McSwain, RHP – Soft-tossing organizational pitcher. No.

Miguel Mendez, RHP – Just converted to the mound from catching. No.

Jordy Mercer, SS – I seem to like him better than a lot of people, but he led the system in HRs in 2011 and is a solid or better defensive shortstop. Probably.

Diego Moreno, RHP – The Pirates love guys with upper 90s velocity, but Moreno has struggled for two years to stick in AA. You’d need to know the team’s thinking on why, which I don’t. Probably.

Eliecer Navarro, LHP – Only 5’9", but throws in the upper 80s and has mostly pitched well. The team appears to regard him as an organizational pitcher. No.

Rogelio Noris, OF – Good power, but a 10-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio. Took a step backward in 2011 while repeating low A. No.

Anthony Norman, OF – Organizational outfielder. No.

Rudy Owens, LHP – It’s not time to give up hope. Yes.

Aaron Pribanic, RHP – One-pitch sinkerballer is extremely hittable, although the Pirates do love sinkerballers. Probably not.

Jhonatan Ramos, LHP – Another small (5’8") lefty who gets results by mixing up a lot of pitches. No.

Josh Rodriguez, IF – Went from Rule 5 pick to "organizational depth" (Clint Hurdle’s words) in two months. No.

David Rubinstein, OF – Organizational outfielder. No.

Yunesky Sanchez, IF – Signed this year as organizational infielder. No.

Hunter Strickland, RHP – You can’t draft him if you can’t find him. No.

Andy Vasquez, IF – Organizational infielder. No.

Kris Watts, C – Fell off badly with the bat in 2011 and is not good defensively. No.

Duke Welker, RHP – Sort of a poor man’s Joel Hanrahan. Throws a heavy, mid- (sometimes upper-) 90s fastball that induces lots of grounders, along with a slider that’s mainly a chase pitch. Command improved a lot this year but still has far to go. The Pirates love them some big (6’7"), hard throwers. Probably.

Cole White, OF – Organizational outfielder. No.

Justin Wilson, LHP – Hit 99 as a reliever. Yes.

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