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Bronson Arroyo Gives Gene Lamont His Endorsement

I never anticipated that what happened in the clubhouse of the 2000 Pirates might be in any way relevant to who might manage the Boston Red Sox in 2012, but hey, I guess stranger things have happened. This article turns to Bronson Arroyo - who was a rookie for the Bucs in 2000 (a couple years before they dropped him for no reason) and who pitched for the Sox from 2003 to 2005 - for his take on Gene Lamont, who's now a finalist for the Red Sox job.

"He would have meetings at times about different things. I remember a couple of times we [the 2000 Pirates] had some fights on the bus and he had some meetings, but for the most part he was very similar to Terry Francona. He was going to ride the season out, try to let players do what they do and not ruffle too many feathers."

Here's WTM's piece on the Pirates' managers since Jim Leyland. It seems like managing a team with as much talent as the Red Sox have would smooth over many mediocre managers' problems, and that if Lamont became manager of the Red Sox, the team's management wouldn't allow him to abuse pitchers the way he did with the Pirates. 

Via MLB Trade Rumors.