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Pirates Depth Chart And 25-Man Roster Projection

Where will Yamaico Navarro fit on the Pirates' roster next April?
Where will Yamaico Navarro fit on the Pirates' roster next April?


Rod Barajas
Michael McKenry
Eric Fryer
Jose Morales
Wyatt Toregas

This will almost certainly be Barajas and McKenry to start the season.


Garrett Jones
Casey McGehee
Nick Evans
Jake Fox
Matt Hague

My guess is that the Pirates are set here. They still could pursue a first baseman via free agency, but I doubt they would have tendered Jones if they were confident they could get one. Evans' chances of making the team dropped dramatically with the McGehee signing, although there's still a remote chance he could make it if the Pirates don't acquire another first baseman or outfielder.


Neil Walker
Yamaico Navarro
Gustavo Nunez
Chase d'Arnaud
Josh Harrison
Jordy Mercer
Casey McGehee


Clint Barmes
Yamaico Navarro
Gustavo Nunez
Jordy Mercer
Chase d'Arnaud


Pedro Alvarez
Casey McGehee
Yamaico Navarro
Josh Harrison
Chase d'Arnaud

Essentially, Walker, Barmes and Alvarez are the starters, with McGehee stepping in at third if things get scary for Alvarez. Navarro can play shortstop, second and third. I still can't believe Nunez will stick, but who knows. If he doesn't, my guess is that Josh Harrison will be the second infield backup, with d'Arnaud and Mercer still being groomed as potential starters in Class AAA.


Alex Presley
Nate McLouth
Nick Evans


Andrew McCutchen
Nate McLouth
Alex Presley
Gorkys Hernandez


Jose Tabata
Garrett Jones

The Pirates could use another outfielder, unless they acquire a first baseman, in which case Jones would be the fifth outfielder.


Erik Bedard
Jeff Karstens
James McDonald
Charlie Morton
Kevin Correia
Brad Lincoln
Shairon Martis
Jeff Locke
Rudy Owens

The Pirates shouldn't be done looking here. Correia really isn't adequate, and Morton may miss time to start the season. Lincoln is a reasonable contingency plan, but not a great one.


Joel Hanrahan
Evan Meek
Chris Resop
Jason Grilli
Chris Leroux
Daniel McCutchen
Tony Watson
Dan Moskos
Jared Hughes
Justin Wilson
Tim Wood
Bryan Morris

I think ultimately the Pirates will probably go with one lefty in their bullpen. Hanrahan, Meek, Resop and Grilli are all locks or near-locks. Chris Leroux had a very promising season and is out of options. And the Pirates probably will want Dan McCutchen in the 'pen due to his ability to eat innings, given the uncertainty at the back of their rotation, the injury to Charlie Morton, and the fact that even some of their better starters (Bedard, McDonald) aren't exactly innings-eaters. That leaves only one spot for a lefty, and I think that will be Watson, unless the Bucs sign someone else. The major-league bullpen is in pretty good shape - when you have someone as good as Jared Hughes who probably isn't even going to get consideration for a spot, you're doing pretty well. The Bucs could use a little more minor-league depth, however, particularly with lefties.


C Rod Barajas
1B Garrett Jones
2B Neil Walker
SS Clint Barmes
3B Pedro Alvarez
LF Alex Presley
CF Andrew McCutchen
RF Jose Tabata

C Michael McKenry
3B/1B Casey McGehee
UT Yamaico Navarro
IF Josh Harrison
OF Nate McLouth

I can't believe Nunez is going to make the team. If this were the bench, we might occasionally see Navarro in the outfield. The Bucs might also forgo a second middle infielder (Harrison in this alignment) and go with another outfielder, if they can find one they like. I'm sure McGehee is a terrible second baseman, but the Brewers occasionally played him there, so that might give the Pirates the flexibility to go with him and Navarro as the only backup infielders. Navarro might not be a lock to make the roster at all, but right now, I think he's got a better chance to be the primary utility player than any of his competitors.

SP Erik Bedard
SP Jeff Karstens
SP James McDonald
SP Charlie Morton
SP Kevin Correia

If the Pirates don't acquire another starter, there's a good chance Brad Lincoln will break camp with the team, given the possibility that Morton starts the season on the disabled list.

RP Joel Hanrahan
RP Evan Meek
RP Chris Resop
RP Jason Grilli
RP Chris Leroux
RP Tony Watson
RP Daniel McCutchen